Book and Print Production, Typesetting, Composition, E-books

Handling all phases of production together or individually.

Creating books for press or e-books for electronic delivery.

Convert your text documents to high quality press files.

Convert your press files to e-book files.

Whatever your needs in book production you have come to the right place.


I began my book production support career when creating books on computers was something unknown by most publishers. I grew with the technology innovating my clients into that new world of production. I am now taking the next step into the future of publishing production by innovating my clients and everyone with e-book production.

If you have a book that you want to be produced for electronic delivery or a book that you want to move to electronic format send me an email so we can discuss it further. Its an exciting world in the publishing industry and I want to put your book at the beginning of it.

With my high level of standards, streamlined office procedures, and years of experience, I can help you in eliminating these pesky problems in print production and e-book production. Contact me and we will talk more about enhancing the quality of your publications and how I can become one of your highly regarded production vendors.


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