Work Experience

Book Production Specialist



I have become a full time freelancer after closer analyzing the book production market in the US. While restructuring my company I have decided to freelance fulltime, which allows me to concentrate on my outstanding abilities and skills in book production. I am also perfecting my skills at website construction and design so that I can supply clients with their website needs.

My major expertise is in page layout and/or typesetting. I have designed many interior layouts and book covers working closely with the client to establish a quality product. I work mainly in the book layout field but have the capabilities to handle a project through the full phase of production.

My page layout skills are finely tuned using major publishing tools. Lately, with the advancement of InDesign, it has permitted me to go beyond the limits I had mastered. With the use of extensions and other software I have developed many techniques for producing high quality products, which allow cost savings for my clients plus meeting or beating their strict schedules.

I maintain a well-structured office that can handle multiple projects at a time. In my busiest years I have produced up to 50 books from one-color to multi-color, supplying printer ready files for high quality, error free output.

Electronic Publishing Services, Inc.

Composition Production Specialist


I established this company to provide production services for all aspects of book production. I am especially knowledgeable in the process and procedures of producing high quality files for press. I work in a scheduled environment to meet the timed requirements of a project and have a very structured office to handle multiple projects simultaneously.

I am fluent using InDesign and have an extensive background with QuarkXpress. I am highly experienced in the use of Photoshop, Illustrator, FreeHand, Acrobat, Word, and a variety of other major and minor software to aid in the construction of books. I have designed book interiors and covers, but not limited to creating books from supplied designs and assisting with designs. My background also includes creating total art projects that are part of the composition or as stand alone packages. I also produced supplemental and internet materials in conjunction with a book project or as individual projects.

My clients consider me a specialist and will assign me their most difficult projects that need a personal touch. I have produced hundreds of books for education, trade, self-help, biblical, and other fields of the publishing industry. I can create books from one-color to multi-color containing any combination of elements.

Arcata Graphic’s, Kingsport, TN

Electronic Artist and Supervisor


I was hired to create and maintain an electronic art department. Worked closely with composition to produce electronic art for books. Established the use of electronic art in books and produced entire art projects. Worked directly with prepress to test and establish the best means of integrating electronic art into a manual composition work flow.

Worked directly with division leaders to create a smooth process of integrating new technology into current procedures. Maintained weekly reports of processes and the advancement of technology in the electronic publishing world. Researched and worked with computer technology, and studied the usability of producing books electronically.


Some of my Clientele

McGraw-Hill Higher Education Oxmoor House R. Brent and Company
McGraw-Hill Business Prentice Hall Lincoln Bradley
Adams Media Beacon Press Williford Communication
Eye On Education Jalmar Press Peace Hill Press