Print/Digital Book Production

Creating Books for You

Experience summary ...

  • 30 years’ experience in book publishing industry.
  • Clientele consists of large to small publishers and self-publishing authors.
  • Create books in many genres of the industry. (Including; Education, Business, Trade, Religion, Biographies.)
  • Establish a publishing support company that assist publishers with all their book and media needs.
  • Produce products for large to small printing presses and POD services.
  • Create digital book formats for sale and distribution.

How I got to where I am ...

My past in book design and production starts in 1988. I was working for Arcata Graphics as an electronic artist creating art packages for books in the composition department. Working closely with the past-up group (yes, before computer layout) I created hundreds of art pieces to be output to a Linotype, cut out and waxed to pages manually on light tables. I also worked closely with the strippers (color negative manual paste-up) in creating color art and photo separation files to be output to film for stripping into page negatives that printing plates are made from.

I learned a lot about how books where constructed during that phase of creating books. I then got involved in learning the upcoming processes of electronic book layout, which really launch my career in what I do today. Working with the chief department heads we finally came to a point of creating an entire book with the computer. With my research and fast learning abilities we soon had a list of books being created 100% electronically.

I enjoyed this technology so much as it was progressing in the industry I started looking for side projects I could do at home. Within a year of starting my home business, I was producing 100s of pieces of art and supplying my clients with full book layout. It wasn't long before I found myself working from home full time.

As the years progressed I started working for all types of publishers and authors. I soon found myself heavily involved with major publishers designing and laying out college text books and cookbooks along with a wide variety genre in the publishing world.

I spent 20 years working around the clock and around the week producing 100s of books. My motto is, "If its on a book shelf, I can create it." As the years moved on I still work on lots of books, but I am not working around the clock anymore, just producing high-quality books for all my clients.

I am a little more choosy in what I undertake these days. My intent for each project is to create a book that reflects the content of the manuscript, is unique in its look and feel, and the main thing: to produce a product with the eyes of the author. Its their words that have to be visualized between the covers.

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