Websites I have Created

As we all progress in to the modern era of the World Wide Web, I have been working with clients and family creating and maintaining websites. I haven't dove in to the fancy stuff like Flash and Ajax, yet, so my sites are more static based. I am learning the coding of pages in CSS and converting older sites from the table layouts of past days to the new more advanced CSS based sites.

Since website work is going to be and has been, intertwined with my print production I thought I would show some of what I have done. Feel free to browse through the sites by clicking on the icons below.

If you are one of my clients and need something done for the internet, let me know and I may be able to help out.


Waking Up Together

Author: Lealand Baggett

Created for sale of his book.

Layout/notes: CSS w/javascripts

Daily Practices for God's People

Author: Robbin Whittington

Layout/notes: CSS, Javascripting, forms

Whittington Chiropractic

Author: Tom Whittington

Created to establish business on the internet

Layout/notes: Table structure, being converted to CSS